About Us

At Jasmine Damkewala & Associates we are committed to providing the highest level of service and best possible outcomes for our clients. We take the time to develop a close relationship and understand each client’s unique legal needs. We pride ourselves on prompt, clear, and efficient communication. We’re always striving to deliver creative, practical solutions to our client’s legal issues.

We have over 20 years of experience in providing exceptional legal services to individuals, businesses, and corporate entities offering a range of services in several areas:

Commercial Law, Constitutional Law, Corporate Law, Contractual Law, Bankruptcy Law, Aviation Law, Intellectual Property (trademark/copyright/patent), VAT/Taxation, Company Law, Specialized Contracts, Property Law, Family Law (matrimonial, divorce, child custody and visitation, adoption, DV act, maintenance, Section 498A IPC), Succession (wills/testamentary/intestate succession/inheritance) Law, Arbitration and ADR, Economic Offence, Debt Recovery, Torts, Human Rights, Media Law, Labour Law, Criminal Law, Consumer Law, Rent, Cyber Law, LPO, Service matters, Customs, Banking, Government contracts, Business Disputes, Due Diligence of Property, Registration, Regulatory Matters, Immigration, Visa, Drafting and Conveyancing (Contracts, MOU, JV, Deeds).